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How can value demonstration play an important role in pharma market access


WorkUp’s innovative cloud applications serve a rapidly growing roster of customers in pharma, specialty pharmacy, providers, payers, and call center / hub. 

A manufacturer of an orphan drug approached WorkUp with a broad-based set of requirements (patient portal, CNE (Clinical Nurse Educator) portal, integration with data aggregator connected to two specialty pharmacies, and oncology nursing clinical content development) in connection with its patented medication. Comparative cost estimates were $1M+ and 9-12 mo’s to complete the infrastructure they needed. WorkUp successfully delivered a completed product in less time (3 months) and at 80% lower costs than the competitive estimates. 


The Live Service, and the Outcomes 

The manufacturer measures success of the WorkUp components of the adherence and education service it runs in connection with its signature medication, in four ways: 

  1. Work activity completion rate: The premise of the program is that CNE/patient interactions enabled by technology (whereas historically managed by human interaction) will impact the overall outcome for patients.  Executing those interactions at scale, at the right time and in the right way, requires synchronization of multiple schedules and data sources at the individual patient and CNE levels, plus real-time compliance with clinical and pharmacovigilance standards. In 86% of cases with WorkUp, this work activity of creating and supporting the CNE/patient interaction is completed on-time.  Prior to implementing WorkUp technology Client estimated a completion rate of 23%.  WorkUp technology results in a 4x increase in on-time work activity completion. 
  2. Net savings: The manufacturer applies WorkUp to the automation of several clinical work functions within its CNE program, from patient coordination to pharmacovigilance. With WorkUp, Client sees a savings of roughly $225 per completed call activity, net of WorkUp related fees. 
  3. Error-free compliance: The manufacturer enjoys a 98% compliance rate in terms of CNE compliance with the on-screen instructions during interactions with patients via the CNE portal. This is remarkable in a context where over 50% of EHR systems either fail or fail to be properly utilized1. This measure is a testament to the design excellence behind WorkUp and its functionality within the workflow of a call center operation.  
  4. Medication persistence: As delivered by WorkUp, the engaging content and timing of CNE/patient interactions, plus CNE performance during the interactions, should lead to greater patient persistence, longer time on the therapy and improved patient outcomes. Results validated by the manufacturer cited 5-10% greater persistency in patients in the WorkUp-powered program, compared with those who are not in the program. 

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