What to look for when searching for a pharma consulting company?

How can value demonstration play an important role in pharma market access

No matter how knowledgeable your business is, there are always challenges. In the Ghostbusters movies they created the slogan “Who you gonna call?” in this case Ghostbuster’s is not likely going to answer. In the 12 years D2 has been providing consulting services (and the over 500 clients we have served), we have seen some highly consistent reasons where a consulting company can create significant added value.

Find a Company That Matches Your Needs

There is an old adage, that people hire people, they know and they trust. That adage runs true whether you are hiring people or hiring a company that will have a significant impact on your organization.

Keep in mind that the field of “Pharmaceutical Consulting” is incredibly broad. Some consultants may specialize in things like securing contracts while others may focus on clinical research. Before you even begin to shop for a consulting partner, pause to determine what is the key need. A suggestion provided to me years ago was to simply ask yourself some basic questions.

What seems to be the problem – what are we solving for?
What concerns me the most about the issue at hand?
What seems to be my main obstacle?
What is holding us back from addressing this issue?

Once we have answered the questions at hand, your vision on what you need, and therefore what characteristics are needed in a potential partner. This simple process will narrow your search and help you focus on a partner that has the right tools to drive your success.

A Company’s Past, A Picture of the Future

This seems basic, but we see companies coming into and out of the consulting space on a continual basis. As such it is important that you pick a partner that has not just the experience but will be here tomorrow. Take the time to learn their experience, the types of products they have launched and the problems they have faced. This can provide key insights relative to their ability to handle and be responsive to your specific needs. In addition, this is a small world, and the time a company has been in business and the reputation of the company is always important.

Search for a Flexible Company

The pharmaceutical industry is filled with surprises and sudden changes, so you need a company that can be flexible and address issues as they arise. Good consultants should be able to think outside the box and pivot when as get new information. In addition, the market is changing rapidly regarding technology, digitization, patient care models, unique distribution models and the like. Is your consultant aware of these changing activities and do they have the expertise to provide guidance in a fluid market situation? In the end a partner that can adjust to suit your business will make the partnership process successful.

Pay Attention to Their Communication Skills

An essential yet often overlooked part of finding a good consulting partner is their communication skills. When you are setting up initial meetings and interviews with the firm, pay attention to how well they communicate.

Are they able to clearly articulate their capabilities?
Are they responsive to your calls, even at unconventional hours?
Do they respond to emails in a timely and professional basis?

Finding a responsive and highly communicative partners will make it far easier to coordinate day-to-day project management matters with the consultants.nn Ultimately, both existing and emerging pharmaceutical need the right blend of expertise, flexibility and customer service. Evaluating the characteristics discussed here can help you find a company with the right expertise that meets your project and company needs. Taking a little more time up front, can go a long way to ensure that you find the best possible consulting partner. Talk to us for a detailed discussion.

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