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Faster, Smarter 340-B Compliance

"For patients on specialty therapies, every second counts. 62% of specialty therapies are lost, misrouted, incomplete or abandoned in the average health system specialty pharmacy and 340b contract network. Every health system has room for improvement. Start counting patient wait days as an important clinical metric."

Bob Charles

Senior Vice President 

Strategy & Innovation

Key Features


Advanced medical benefit and pharmacy benefit comparison for true informed consent and financial insights at the point of care


Automated patient assistance programs, automated denial management


Intelligent automated prior authorizations


Patient-specific fulfillment routing to the best specialty pharmacy with rules engines to manage payer networks, limited distribution restrictions and 340B contract pharmacies

It's a matter of results.

100% of prescriptions

filled by intended contract pharmacy 

96% prior authorizations approved the first time & 58% approved within

10 minutes

99% adoption by cardiologists and pulmonologists 

$2.2M prescriptions processed per month

100% data captured




  • Qualify patient eligibility to reduce Bad Debt

  • ZERO leakage to non-contracted pharmacies

  • Access financial assistance as needed

  • Reduce denials and delays

  • Preferred drugs, dosing, duration and site of care

  • J-Code to NDC Crosswalk

  • Start therapy in minutes vs. days

  • Reduce administrative hassles for prescribing MDs

  • Interconnectivity


  • Pharmacy Dispensing Systems

  • Practice Management Systems

  • Specialty therapies can be life changing.  Velocity helps health systems help patients start therapy faster and complete therapy more often.

  • Reduce abandonment with fewer denials, fewer appeals, optimal therapy utilization.

  • Bringing intelligence, rules, automation and escalation to your workflow, Velocity makes speed to therapy possible.

  • Intelligent Routing increases capture and completion rates at the best specialty pharmacy for your patients and your health system, the first time, every time.