Leapfrog traditional patient engagement to drive adherence and better care outcomes.

UltraTouch™ Engage, powered by D2 Solutions, enhances the patient experience with next-generation technology.

Traditional hub services and phone-based outreach programs simply aren’t enough. Of course, that’s having an impact on patients–and in turn on both manufacturers and pharmacies. Up to 50% of new specialty prescriptions are never filled. And for those that are, many don’t get past the second refill.

Introducing UltraTouch™ Engage.

D2 Solutions developed UltraTouch Engage to bring manufacturers, providers, pharmacies and patients closer together, enhancing product access, resulting in better patient care. 

From the moment a specialty prescription is generated, through the first fill and throughout the patient’s entire medication journey, UltraTouch Engage delivers measurable results and actionable data that drive value at every step.


Proof of progress.

13 years

of pharmaceutical industry experience


patient enrollment for one orphan drug manufacturer


reduction in hub labor costs


acceleration in AR for one specialty pharmacy

Engage patients in bold new ways.

Real progress begins here.