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Committed to building better networks that facilitate access while helping clients grow, improve and protect their business.

“Our goal is simply optimizing patient access to therapy by getting to the right sites of care, at the right time and at the right cost."

Bob Glasgow

Executive Vice President

Supply Chain & Trade 

Launching a new therapeutic product is challenging, expensive, and leaves no room for error. D2's support is designed to ensure your strategy is optimized for commercial success from day one of market entry. We take a customized yet comprehensive approach to managing each phase of the distribution and commercialization process. 

Distribution Strategies & Channel Management

          US & EU Market Strategies                                                  Specialty Distributor & Pharmacy Selection
          Hub Services                                                                            State Licensing 

3PL (Third-Party Logistics)

          3PL Selection                                                                          Contracting & Negotiation 
          Fair Market Value Assessment                                         Implementation Support  

Trade & Supply Chain Support

          Market Preparation & Introduction                                 Contracting & Negotiation 
          Pricing Agency Support                                                     GPO & Trade   

Trade Support in Greater Detail


  • Make better decisions through in-depth understanding of current market conditions

  • Create a plan for access to all critical sites and define actions to get there


  • FMV support to educate team on commercial needs 

  • Implementation support to serve as a basis for rules with customers (3PL is agent for client)


  • Tactical execution of strategy, sets goals for trade

  • Warm welcome by trade and insights about trade partners 

  • FMV platform for access to all sites of care 


  • Accelerate outcomes and/or provide operational support

  • Reimbursement support

  • Market insights and competitive intelligence

Featured Capability


In a global economy, supply chain management and first-class logistics are essential to success. D2 has provided guidance in over 120 projects for 3PL analysis, selection, review, and implementation.

Whether reviewing your existing 3PL relationship, in-house distribution or shopping for a 3PL partner, D2 can provide you the insight and expertise to enable you to maximize your investment in 3PL. Our unique proprietary process is tailored to your exact needs to ensure a final solution that is optimized for your organization.

  • Complete review of existing 3PL or in-house distribution processes, functions, and relationships

  • Introduction and familiarization with current 3PL providers, including their capabilities and fee structures

  • Education about current “best practices” and industry trends

  • Customized and tailored RFI/RFP creation specific to your organization and product portfolio

  • Bid dissemination, detailed analysis, and side-by-side comparison for evaluation

  • Benchmarking to ensure fair market value for services being procured Flexible implementation leadership and ongoing downstream support


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John Brannan

Vice President

Supply Chain & Trade 

D2 Paves the Way for GPO Success


High-Tech Rx to Improve Patient Outcomes 

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