Specialty Drug Launch: Distribution Strategy

How can value demonstration play an important role in pharma market access


An emerging pharmaceutical company had their first drug, an oral oncolytic that would benefit from a broad suite of services. The client wanted to assure access to all sites that may want to dispense the product. This included hospitals, physician clinics, and specialty pharmacies. The services included coordination with labs, co-pay and patient assistance support, and prior authorization. 


Working with the client, D2 developed a coherent distribution strategy starting at the contract manufacturer organization (CMO) and ending with the patient’s home. Included as elements were a third-party logistics provider, specialized transport services, a small network of specialty distributors, a network of specialty pharmacies, a hub service provider. The key deliverables from the strategy were: a gross to net estimate for the various channels of distribution, cost estimates for each part of the supply chain, and a forecast of product production necessary to fill the channel, a timeline of key activities needed to launch at the PDUFA date.

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