Smoothing a Purchasing Pathway to Increase Sales

How can value demonstration play an important role in pharma market access


Client procured D2’s help to conduct a Federal IDN workshop, providing an overview of the VA and DoD and the context of those markets for the client’s portfolio.  During the half-day whiteboard session with key leadership, D2 discovered access gaps preventing meaningful update in the VA for the client’s leading product. One gap of particular importance was the product’s inability to be including in the VA’s prime vendor network due to a combination of controlled substance requirements and REMS.


D2’s leveraged internal cross-functional capabilities to form a federal trade task force, recognizing McKesson has a clear incentive to make operational adjustments to support one of their most important clients, the VA. D2 first educated the clients trade team on why McKesson’s three key divisions (full-line, plasma & biologics, and specialty care) and the inability of any one unit to handle both DEA requirements and REMS. We then guided the client through discussions with McKesson, focusing on market alternatives we have seen deployed, such as the air freight program. A pathway was established, advantageous to McKesson, the VA and our client.  Due to this purchasing pathway solution and other factors, sales are steadily growing month-over-month.

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