The Process of Selection

D2 has had the privilege of working with over 350 pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device manufacturers. Much of what we have supported on behalf of these organizations is the selection of “vendors” for a variety of services across the supply chain including their 3PL, Distribution, Specialty Pharmacy, HUB, Support Vendors (copay, pap, data aggregators etc.).

The key to developing a successful selection process is to understand that it’s a process, a process that can be clearly defined and is structured to ensure the desired result. Some key elements you need to consider include.

Defining the needs based on the product type and/or patient requirements.

  • Outline the entire process from the CDA to the Final contract

  • Understand the capabilities of various market participants

  • Understand reporting elements required to drive a quality program

  • Structure contracts that can a) hold entities accountable and b) provide you as the manufacturer certain flexibility

  • Ensure all elements meet Fair Market Value considerations

With the right process, a manufacturer can be confident that they have the right services, from the right partners, with the right technology support, at the right price. Please contact us to learn more.

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