Patient Support Programs

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

One of the big industry challenges is getting specialty medications to patients. Manufacturer's tell us the drop off between when a prescription is written to patient receipt is as high as 50%. What causes this drop-off, simplistically “the system”. The system is many disparate pieces within an onboarding and product delivery model that doesn’t work efficiently together. It results in leaving patients and providers frustrated and at some point, simply giving up.

There are several areas where this issue falls apart, including:

  • Applications: Not getting clean enrollment applications

  • Outreach: Inability to reach patients/ provides to gather missing information

  • Financial Assistance: Patients unable to afford their copay/coinsurance

Manufacturers can create/update programs that smooth this process and enable better patient access, focused on 3 basic elements.

  1. Program Design: Create a program designed to communicate across all stakeholders.

  2. Technology: Acceleration of the process be it Enrollment, BV, PA and Patient/Physician outreach.

  3. Vendor Selection: Select partners who allow flexibility in program structure.

Building an accelerated Patient Services model is both achievable and is a model whose time has come.

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