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Bring it Back Home!

Updated: Aug 12

Domestic drug manufacturing requirements

I have commented previously on the need to bring manufacturing back home to the US. As the COVID-19 pandemic lingers on, and supply chains become more strained the need to bring manufacturing of all types, but specifically for pharmaceuticals becomes painfully more apparent. There are many high-quality FDA approved facilities in the North America with the flexibility to address multiple product types. These facilities have existing capacity and include the ability to manufacture products such as Sterile injectables, Oral Solids, Ophthalmic, Nasal Sprays, Aerosols, Topicals, Non-Sterile Liquids, and Pharmaceutical wipes to name a few.

Further from what I have learned from others who are expert in this area, due to costs such as freight, logistics, customs and larger inventory carrying costs, the real costs of bringing products to the US from places like China are not always that different than manufacturing in North America. Politically I would suggest that a little tax incentive could go a long way to bringing the drug supply chain into a more favorable and stable environment. If you’re a pharmaceutical or biotech manufacturer who’s supply chain is at risk, it may be time to bring it back home.

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