Are Drug Shortages Coming?

I have previously posted on the potential need to bring drug manufacturing back home. As such I wanted to take the opportunity to share this article regarding our dependency on a foreign drug supply channel. This article provides interesting insights to the dependency of the US on China and India for manufacturing. But also provides interesting perspective on China’s dependency on US innovation and ability to provide life-saving innovator product, particularly related to diseases like Cancer. This clearly has been an issue prior to Covid-19 which has been exemplified by CivicaRx being created to support production of injectable products for selected hospital systems.

Other industry articles have suggested that a potential challenge is coming, just delayed since many plants in China have been on shut down, and it is a matter of using up existing inventory before the shortages catch up. We shall see how this plays out; in the meantime, this article provides thoughts on some of the longer-term issues.

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