Accreditation Means Business

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

Why accreditation is key to long-term success

In today’s world of regulated distribution, more and more Accreditation means business. That is, if you are a Specialty Pharmacy, Hospital, Infusion Pharmacy and/or a Physician office that dispenses medication you may be required to have an Accreditation in order to be “qualified” to be accepted into a Payer network.

Further regulatory initiatives such as the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) continue to expand the footprint of Accreditation requirements. These Accreditations, which may vary by institution type may include URAC, ACHC, VIPPS Drug Distributor Accreditation (formerly VAWD) and The Joint Commissions.

Accreditations, by definition, are in place to ensure that the accredited entity has made the extra effort to improve key areas that impact the quality and care delivered. One challenge however is that a) more Accreditations are being required to be “in-network” and b) Accreditations come with ever expanding go forward requirements. What this means is that the affected organizations will require the right infrastructure, systems and oversight to both attain accreditation, and to continue to meet the expanding accreditation requirements.

Using URAC as an example, organization requirements include:

- Interpreting data collection within dispensing and/or clinical platforms

- Identifying eligible data for performance measure categories

- Vetting, selection and coordination of a URAC approve data validator

- Completion of the Information Systems Capacity Assessment (ISCA)

- Onside data validation audit support.

These activities are here today and change tomorrow. The challenge for many organizations is to understand both what is required today, and what is required tomorrow. Further, the need to capture and validate data going forward is a standard that is hard to meet for many organizations. These challenges are much of the reason why D2 is continuing to invest in the expertise and systems to support these activities and allow organizations to push the “easy button” relative to data collection and accreditation support.

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