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"Our technology provides the bridge between provider and patient - with an engaging experience and supportive data focused on optimizing the access experience"

Jim Taylor, RPh
VP, Specialty Services

Patient Engagement Optimization
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D2's reach across the full healthcare continuum, to include establishing HUBs, optimizing  manufacturer  Patient Services Programs and closely supporting the inner workings of Specialty Pharmacies allowed us to recognize and understand gaps in current Patient Services Models. These gaps drive costs up across multiple industry segments and negatively impact patient care.

We hit the books, performing more than five (5) years of market research across multiple therapies and varying  stakeholders to learn what  it  means  to help patient  both get engaged and stay engaged in their healthcare journey.

We create a solution unlike anything else available in the market and tested our concepts via multiple deployments in rare disease and oncology arenas working with oncology clinics, specialty pharmacies and manufacturers.

Pushing to ensure we deliver the most unique patient engagement solutions possible, We created a structure that is easily customized to meet the needs of multiple disease states and manufacturers.  Further, this plug and play model is designed to complement existing workflows with minimal resources required  from our client IT departments.

Introducing a fully flexible patient engagement solution that is driving over 80% response rates across multiple therapeutic areas. This digital to web solution is reaching new heights in patient engagement while enabling escalation to clinical specialists and system reporting in near real time. 

How it Works

Medication Persistency

Direct positive impact on your time to fill, cost to fill, and cost of case management 

Operational Efficiency

Reduce outgoing telephone calls to confirm monthly refills by 70%

Enhanced Data

Real-time actionable data gathered to prevent Rx abandonments and proactively address and resolve adverse events 

Prescriber Satisfaction

Reduce documentation costs relating to patient-provider communications by 40%

Key Features

D2 develops custom “Campaigns” specifically to meet the needs of a given project be it Clinical coaching, Compliance, Data collection, or others.

D2 has leveraged technology to provide for more efficient touchpoints between Patients and those with whom they need to interact be it Pharmacies, PBMs, Clinics, Hospital systems, and Physicians.   Campaign specific, automated outreach that collects clinical data points such as monthly refill, medication start dates, and adherence self-report (VBC). 

In addition, Patients can send secure messages to staff to report key issues, schedule refills, or otherwise request assistance.  Messages are automatically triaged to appropriate staff so they can respond promptly via technology or if appropriate via a phone call which can be auto-scheduled into the staff’s existing calendar system.

On a therapy-specific basis, we technology enable defined business rules for Patient management.  The cadence of reach-outs, their content how to respond to Patients’ issues, and more is defined, developed, and executed to meet the specific Campaign requirements

We apply these rules for you in real-time so your obligations to Patient and other partners are met.  And you don’t drop any patients.








Running business rules in the background allows us to be super-vigilant about how you exceed expectations on Patient care.

No more dropped issues, nor more Patients, forgotten or who have simply slipped through the cracks.

Every Patient issue or anomaly is tracked uniquely and escalated until it is satisfactorily resolved.

Our technology facilitates automated Patient and Provider, real-time, therapy specific communications. 

Browse, filter, and otherwise query all data through a secure, role-based web portal.

Get the big picture as well as essential driving details from analytics that have been designed through our years of experience working with, designing and deploying Patient and Disease specific programs.

Export your data to systems and partners as needed to understand and manage your ongoing business needs. 








Recent Outcomes

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Case Example

Orphan Drug Manufacturer 

+5% Medication Persistency

75% Reduction in Hub Labor Costs

83% Patient Enrollment

67% Patient Utilization


Kirby Eng

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Case Example



15% Receivable Acceleration

69% Reduction in Labor Costs

82% Patient Enrollment

52% Patient Utilization


Jim Taylor


Specialty Pharmacy Data Standards in a Rapidly Evolving Value-Based World


Kirby Eng

Senior Vice President

Business Development, D2 Digital Solutions