Overcoming the Virtual Audit

How can value demonstration play an important role in pharma market access


Due to COVID the ability to prepare accreditation/compliance clients for audits from their accrediting body/bodies has been greatly affected.  Most of the accrediting bodies have temporarily moved to virtual audits, however the audits still take place and clients still need to be prepared to the best of their ability. D2 was faced with the hurdle of overcoming the virtual hinderance in audit preparation.  We did not want to fail our clients in assisting with their preparation.   


In only a few short months D2 was able to develop a method to virtually prepare clients for their audits.  Numerous detailed crosswalks were developed to prepare clients to quickly locate documents and data that satisfy specific accreditation standards.  Strategic agendas were developed to best prepare our clients for an organized and successful audit.  Various other documents have been made available to help prepare each level of our client’s staff for the broad spectrum of knowledge needed to adequately answer questions from the accrediting bodies. This effort has been very successful to date.   

D2’s ability to adapt quickly is due to the vast array of knowledge by our leaders and staff.  Knowledge both hands on from preforming onsite audits, as well as first person as former staff members of facilities that have gone through accreditation.  D2’s ongoing ability to quickly develop, update and implement documents and templates for accreditation keep us ahead of the game at all times and give us the capability to shift gears when needed and tackle new aspects of accreditation.  

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