Market Access & Reimbursement 

D2's commercial team members are experts at positioning new products and re-positioning existing products for payer adoption. Our deep relationships with the payer community, combined with our unique understanding of payer strategies for reimbursement, allow us to design coverage strategies that win broad acceptance.


Focused on leading teams to address constantly changing market challenges.

“The D2 account executive team includes industry veterans from both the medical and pharmacy benefit arenas.  We leverage the breadth of our combined experience with the depth of payer relationships to deliver optimal go-to-market strategies and improve operational effectiveness."

David Saunders

Vice President

Market Access & Reimbursement 

The "Blueprint" to Control Drug Prices
Advertising department brainstorming at
Federal Market Access - 
Implementing a Cross-Functional Strategy to Optimize Outcomes 

A Guide for Manufacturers

A Guide for Manufacturers


Drug pricing reduction is a nationally focused effort, with  legislation that proposes a wide-range of risk for pharma, to include re-adjustment of statutory pricing calculations and an international pricing index. Mitigation strategies should be considered, to include better value stories and outcomes-based arrangements that support "premium" pricing.




Power shifts continue as payers begin to consolidate with distributors and specialty pharmacies. These new access silos critically affect negotiation strategies and relationship management. Business models and market access tactics must change in order to adequately adapt.

Many of our clients remain heavily focused on tracking payers ability to control medical benefit product utilization. It remains to be seen if access to physician administered therapies can be managed by open-access plans with the same level of success that IDN's have enjoyed.

Customized Solutions

          Brand Strategy & Enhancement                                                     Commercial Planning & Launch
          Pricing & Reimbursement Research                                              MCO Account Executive Team
          Value-Based Contracting                                                                  Industry Advisory Boards
          IDN Strategy & Access                                                                        Asset Acquisition, Divesture, M&A
          Statutory Contracting & Pricing                                                       VA/DoD Market Access
          CMS Management                                                                                Managed Medicaid & Fee-for-Service

Specialized Capabilities

  • Managed Medicaid & Medicaid Fee-for-Service strategy & bid support
  • P&T preparation & representation
VA / DoD
  • Expedited access to top decision makers
  • Statutory contracting & pricing activities
  • Federal workshops & research partnerships 
  • Independent market entry
  • Co-promotion / marketing partnerships
  • Acquisition / divestiture / M&A

Featured Capability




Due to various power shifts in the market, patient access remains a key challenge. Our highly customized whiteboard session provides access to D2's industry experts in a cost-effective and flexible format. This interactive session will allow us to fully understand your brand strategy and develop both immediate and downstream solutions that align with your unique goals and objectives.

  • Real-time feedback on industry best practices

  • Clarity and alignment on actionable next steps

  • Full range of solutions with predictive analysis

  • Channel distribution enhancement

  • Statutory obligations and compliance risk

  • Pricing and contracting optimization

  • Analogs and case studies to support tactics