A High-Tech Prescription to Improve Patient Access


  • D2 was engaged by a top international biopharmaceutical company to address a growing access issue for its market leading, multi-billion dollar injectable therapy.

  • The Manufacturer’s current HUB services infrastructure was built to support a Buy and Bill access model; however, for many reasons, providers were increasingly unwilling to use this channel, instead opting for a Specialty Pharmacy referral.

  • Providers using the SP referral model were operating outside of the HUB’s service model, causing a significant and growing “blind spot” in the Manufacturer’s access service model.

  • The Manufacturer needed a holistic solution, one that would service a Provider seeking to use Buy & Bill or SP referral.


  • D2 began to define a new service model that would offer Providers a seamless access experience while keeping the HUB’s integrity as the System of Record.

  • Strategically, D2 knew the new solution would require “next gen” technology while maintaining the “high-touch” services offered by the HUB’s labor force.

  • After conducting a technology audit of the market, several best of breed companies were identified as having technology, e-services and transaction sets — that once combined — could deliver on the Manufacturer’s vision of a simplified, automated and seamless access experience.


  • D2’s RFP process set the stage for a systematic, thorough and fair comparison of each company’s proposed solution.

  • Solution requirements included a new Provider-facing Portal capable of allowing the user to choose the desired workflow path (Buy and Bill or SP Referral), automate patient on-boarding workflows and deploy eBV, eBI and ePA transactions. 

  • After several months of evaluation, VirMedica was chosen as the primary technology vender for several reasons:

    • Ability to provide a simple to use, yet robust Provider Portal capable of delivering a holistic self-service access model for Buy and Bill and SP Referral.

    • Having the industry’s most proven MedeBV transaction.

    • Ability to seamlessly connect to the HUB’s call center CRM system to power bi-directional communications and status updates.

    • Fair market value for service.