Federal Supply Schedule Optimization

How can value demonstration play an important role in pharma market access


A large biotech needed assistance with a Federal Supply Schedule renewal for a complex portfolio of products. The head of managed care contracting requested additional advisory assistance related to revenue improvement and reducing the operational impact of the agreement, relative to the prior 5-year contract. An assessment was performed to determine which internal departments should manage various aspects of federal contracting to reduce compliance risks, leverage negotiation expertise and improve revenue.  


Tools and processes were put in place to help government pricing and managed care contracts work together more effectively in communicating potential contracting impacts on federal pricing. Customized standard operating procedures and negotiation playbooks were developed for tracking customer and other government agency aspects of the renewal, equipping the customer with tools to understand and maintain key elements of an FSS contract. Effective negotiations with the VA resulted in the majority of product objectives related to tracking customer selection and other government agency pricing being accepted as proposed.  Compliance risk and government pricing operational impacts were minimized due to substantial reductions in the number of tracking customers, as well as a dashboard that was implemented to identify triggers and inform government contracting of pricing actions being contemplated by managed care contracts.

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