Farhana Naz

Vice President

Business Strategy

Ms. Naz joined D2 in 2017 to assist with payer strategies, contracting and various growth opportunities. Ms. Naz has in-depth knowledge of FDA regulatory strategies, payer data criteria, and payer contract strategies necessary to achieve positive reimbursement outcomes for drugs, medical devices, and digital therapies amongst public and private payer organizations. Ms. Naz currently develops innovative contracts and provides research and management with complex projects across multiple D2 business units.


Ms. Naz has several years of experience working within the pharmaceutical strategy teams of Anthem WellPoint and Express Scripts. While at Anthem and Express Scripts, she developed and led innovative collaborations and contract strategies between these payers with both pharmaceutical and medical devices companies. Ms. Naz assisted to launch some of the first US innovative contracts and pilots across Commercial and Medicare managed lives. She has leveraged her expertise in managed healthcare, drug contracting, data/analytics, and specialty pharmacy to optimizing drug commercialization and uptake in the market.


From 2011 to 2016, Ms. Naz worked in the strategy team of Cardinal Health Specialty Solutions division. She assisted in building oncology pathways decision support technology and an analytics unit to research and evaluate value-based solutions for specialty drugs. In addition, Ms. Naz assisted with research, new business development, and the execution of in-organic and organic strategies to Cardinal Health Specialty’s healthcare providers, pharmaceutical, payer, and specialty pharmacy facing business units, which assisted to drive revenue growth for Cardinal Health.


Ms. Naz earned a bachelor’s degree in Chemistry/Biochemistry from the University of Cincinnati. She has also completed several years of research in therapies specific to oncology.


  • Payer Strategy

  • Research & Value-Based Proposition Development 

  • M&A


University of Cincinnati

Bachelor's Degree in Chemistry/Biochem

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