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Consumer brand growth




Manufacturer with a successful consumer brand sought to expand beyond OTC outlets and gain growth in institutional market segments such as IDNs and long-term care. Institutional segments had low volume and manufacturer had lack of results with own internal and external efforts. This brand encountered barriers in access to critical classes of trade including resistance on the part of group purchasing organizations.  Due to contracting costs and current relatively low demand, many GPOs will not pursue consumer OTC brands to enter institutional markets.


Within 6 months D2 planned and implemented a model for institutional markets by prioritizing GPO access and at the same time education and pull-through to key clinicians and formulary decision-makers in IDNs and long-term care. This resulted in contracts with 100% of GPOs and positive actions by formulary drivers in IDNs, hospitals, and long-term care. The ultimate result was over 10-times dollar growth for the OTC manufacturer in the institutional space.


D2 established expertise and relationships over many years in this industry and provides success where other entities fail.  D2 fully created and developed a successful model using a variety of marketing levels to produce a transferable strategy to be used with other prospective OTC products.

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Multiple brand model with accelerated growth



Consumer health entity with multiple OTC brands sought to mirror success achieved by D2 on larger brands across many additional products that were smaller in sales yet had potential for clinical application and growth in hospitals, clinics, long term care. 



D2 developed an entirely unique offering to GPOs that is new in the industry. Combining the goals of both the OTC client and the GPO, D2 implemented a multiple-brand contract to enable engagement with all GPOs. Education and pull-through efforts were similarly combined offering manufacturer advantages to cost while providing extensive market reach which was previously unattainable. This resulted in significant GPO and formulary additions, and growth in the targeted classes of trade for combined ten OTC brands of 20% in the first year.


Development and implementation of standardized contract templates enables ongoing engagement of additional and multiple OTC brands with the capability to deliver GPO contracts and marketing share of voice. This newly established shared service model directly offers opportunity to aggregate smaller OTC companies to demonstrate significant market penetration and growth in a shorter time frame.

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