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Smoothing a purchasing pathway to increase sales


Client procured D2’s help to conduct a Federal IDN workshop, providing an overview of the VA and DoD and the context of those markets for the client’s portfolio.  During the half-day whiteboard session with key leadership, D2 discovered access gaps preventing meaningful update in the VA for the client’s leading product. One gap of particular importance was the product’s inability to be including in the VA’s prime vendor network due to a combination of controlled substance requirements and REMS.



D2’s leveraged internal cross-functional capabilities to form a federal trade task force, recognizing McKesson has a clear incentive to make operational adjustments to support one of their most important clients, the VA. D2 first educated the clients trade team on why McKesson’s three key divisions (full-line, plasma & biologics, and specialty care) and the inability of any one unit to handle both DEA requirements and REMS. We then guided the client through discussions with McKesson, focusing on market alternatives we have seen deployed, such as the air freight program. A pathway was established, advantageous to McKesson, the VA and our client.  Due to this purchasing pathway solution and other factors, sales are steadily growing month-over-month.



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Federal Markets

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VA / DoD

Market Access

  • Federal-specific brand plans

  • Federal account coverage

  • Educational whiteboard sessions

  • Launch & class review preparation

  • Expedited access to decision makers

  • Contracting & pricing support


Federal Supply Schedule Optimization



A large biotech needed assistance with a Federal Supply Schedule renewal for a complex portfolio of products. The head of managed care contracting requested additional advisory assistance related to revenue improvement and reducing the operational impact of the agreement, relative to the prior 5-year contract. An assessment was performed to determine which internal departments should manage various aspects of federal contracting to reduce compliance risks, leverage negotiation expertise and improve revenue.  


Tools and processes were put in place to help government pricing and managed care contracts work together more effectively in communicating potential contracting impacts on federal pricing. Customized standard operating procedures and negotiation playbooks were developed for tracking customer and other government agency aspects of the renewal, equipping the customer with tools to understand and maintain key elements of an FSS contract. Effective negotiations with the VA resulted in the majority of product objectives related to tracking customer selection and other government agency pricing being accepted as proposed.  Compliance risk and government pricing operational impacts were minimized due to substantial reductions in the number of tracking customers, as well as a dashboard that was implemented to identify triggers and inform government contracting of pricing actions being contemplated by managed care contracts.


Maintaining profitable government programs under NDA acquisition


A mid-cap pharmaceutical company acquired an NDA and needed help managing Federal business opportunities. In particular the company sought to take possession of a VA/DoD joint national contract the prior NDA holder was awarded. The client approached D2 to better understand the full scope of contract obligations, in particular, help in protecting the overall gross-to-net, especially considering all national contracts require use of government preferred distributors.  Initially, D2 performed all of the required basics: 


  • D2 performed a gap assessment to fully understand the companies short and long-term goals and objectives in the Federal market

  • The national contract was successfully novated to the new NDA holder, the companies first ever government agreement, which involved work to establish “manufacturer responsibly” and ability to supply

  • Efficient and effective internal controls were established to ensure program compliance

  • D2 developed an advantageous FSS contract proposal, supported a smooth pre-award audit, and negotiated on behalf of the company resulting in a 65IB FSS contract award at favorable pricing and terms

  • Trade agreements with the governments prime vendor network were negotiated as favorably as possible


Six months after project completion, the VA notified the client at public law that new federal ceiling prices for the upcoming year exceeded national contract pricing, and therefore, all affected national contract NDC’s would be reduced.




D2 formulated a hardship appeal, citing specific business decision by the prior NDA holder (nearly all arrangements our client terminated at NDA acquisition) as the basis for the negative non-FAMP impact. After numerous engagements with the Public Law Policy Group, our client was granted relief, with pricing partially retroactive.


Leveling the Playing Field



Our client’s product was reviewed by the Department of Defense (DoD) and approved for Tier 3 formulary inclusion with a restrictive prior-authorization and medical necessity. Eventually, a new market entrant that was considered generically equivalent was reviewed by the DoD and approved for Tier 3 with no prior authorization. D2 account executives appealed to have our client’s prior-authorization lifted, citing the new client’s review as the basis.



The DoD declined to remove our clients prior auth, but they agreed to add the same level of controls to the competitor product. Ultimately our goal was achieved, a fair and reasonable level playing field.

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