Accreditation Compliance

& Renewal

Did you know?

The D2 team can monitor changes in accreditation standards and keep your organization in constant compliance.


Our flexible approach to partnering provides monthly and quarterly maintenance  programs tailored to meet accreditation objectives.

  • It is easier to obtain accreditations than it is to maintain them

  • Waiting to prepare until the end of the your re-accreditation cycle imparts unnecessary operational impact and risk on your organization, to include the loss of valuable payer contracts and manufacturer relationships.

  • Organizations are required to stay in a constant state of readiness, which can impart risk and operational impact if not done correctly

Reaccreditation Made Easy

While many specialty pharmacies successfully gear-up for an initial accreditation process, many fail to adequately protect  that investment. Reaccreditation has become increasingly challenging due to changing regulations coupled with the inability for organization to  focus on accreditation mandates.

D2 can provide your organization with a team of experienced accreditation experts at a fraction of the cost of creating an internal structure. We ensure your organization is taking the right steps to protect your 

accreditation status, allowing you to focus on helping patients.

Flexible Solutions

Monthly Maintenance

  • Monthly Core Team

  • URAC Standard Updates

  • Policy & Procedure Review/Revision

  • Patient Management Audits

  • Quality Management & Clinical Oversight

  • Personnel File Audit

  • Quarterly Compliance Audits

  • Contract Audits

  • Marketing Material Audits

  • Emergency Preparedness

  • Business Continuity Plan

  • IT Risk Assessment

  • Annual Business Meeting

Quarterly Maintenance

  • Quarterly Core Team

  • Re-accreditation Preparation

  • Operations Validation

  • Gap Analysis

  • Quality Program Establishment & Evaluation

  • Annual Compliance Audit

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